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Experience the Difference

When you want to travel across the Yarra Valley, whether it’s to a wedding, a winery or a corporate function,

you can rely on Martyrs.

We’ve been the trusted name in bus and coach services since 1927 – providing the exceptional service our customers deserve.

Our bus and coach company has grown from a single 1927 Essex sedan, to a large fleet of vehicles, managed by our team of friendly staff.

As locals who are passionate about showcasing our stunning region, we’re able to bring a rich history and in-depth understanding of the Yarra Valley to our charters and tours.


Get onboard with Martyrs and experience the difference

Our Vehicle will arrive at the designated pick up point 10 minutes prior to your departure time. Then deliver your group back to your return destination point at the agreed time.

This fee applies if the coach or bus has already departed to pick up your group.

Quotations/Confirmations will be sent via email. The booking will not be firm until an acceptance has been signed and returned back to our office.

We will provide you with friendly, efficient and helpful staff who will answer all your Charter needs.

Any willful damage to the vehicle will be reimbursed by the hirer. If the vehicle requires additional cleaning, it will be at the hirer's expense.

Procedures are in place in case of emergencies while on charter (accidents/illness/fire).

Extra Time applies in the case of Charters extended past the original booking arrangements.

Buses can be booked with only limited details given. We will be as flexible as possible within the time, distance and terrain allowed for the Charter. Any extra time and distance will incur an extra fee.

We will work to ensure your Safety. The driver has the authority to stop the vehicle if it is considered unsafe to proceed into any area or property.

While the vehicle is being used for the carriage of Primary School Children, any three such children may, with the consent of the hirer, be seated equivalent to two adult passengers. All Secondary School Students are to be treated as adult passengers for loading purposes. In the case of seat belted buses the vehicle will be limited to the seating capacity. Rule for Primary School Students applies to non seat belted vehicles. Due to common weight restrictions placed on all buses, it maybe necessary to limit luggage and/or passengers in order to comply with Gross Vehicle Limits.

While on charter, there are to be no Standees.

At the time of booking, the maximum number of adults and children expected is to be specified. This will ensure a suitable vehicle is dispatched and chain of responsibility issues not breached.

A tax invoice will be produced and emailed (unless otherwise requested) to the hirer. Private charters are expected to settle accounts on conclusion, or prior to Charter. For Regular clients we offer a 25 day account facility. Invoices can be paid by Cheque, cash or alternatively via electronic transfer directly into Martyrs Bus Service. Bank account details: BSB- 633-000, account # 145023859 Bendigo Bank. Interest maybe charged on overdue accounts or past to a third party for collection.

All other details being correct, the quoted price (if within 3 months) once accepted and confirmed, will be the price you will pay regardless of subsequent price increases.

The behavior of the group on a charter is the responsibility of the nominated responsible person/s present. In the interest of maintaining behavior at an acceptable level, it is suggested that the responsible person/s are present at front and/or back of the bus.

In negotiating a charter booking, the hiring party may request the retention of the vehicle for their exclusive use during the hiring period at the time of quotation.

If you are not satisfied with our service in any way, please call the Operations Manager to action. We do encourage any feedback in order to improve our service to you.

We will communicate any special conditions at the time of quotation.

When teams play footy etc where they are likely to become very dirty, a change of clean clothes is required before returning on the bus.

If the behavior is considered unsafe by the driver, he/she will stop in a safe and secure place to enable him/her to inform the responsible person the conduct is distracting or unsafe. (Responsible person being the person in charge of the group) The vehicle will not continue until order is restored.

This can lead to additional charges when appropriate.

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